May 2022 Pigeon Lake Watershed Association Update

May 2022 | Pigeon Lake Watershed Association Update
Including Information on the confined feeding operation application 

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Defend Pigeon Lake & Watershed

The Natural Resource Conservation Board (NRCB) decision on the proposed confined feeding operation is expected to take longer than usual due to considerable input from concerned residents all around the lake, the summer villages, First Nations, and stakeholder groups. We understand that it may take three to six months before a decision is released. An appeal will be required if the application for a feedlot is approved or if the application is declined and the proponent appeals the decision. To be prepared, PLWA is working on a Defend Pigeon Lake and Watershed Initiative. We have reached out to municipalities for support and we are also asking individuals to help by volunteering time, expertise and funds.

As we defend the goals of the Pigeon Lake Watershed Management Plan through this process, we are heartened by the support we have from PLWA members, concerned residents and many stakeholder groups in the community – Thank you!
About the Defend Pigeon Lake & Watershed Initiative

Rain Barrel Sales – Order Today!

Rain barrels can now be ordered. There are a variety to choose from with prices starting at $75. This is a fundraiser for PLWA. We are working with the Rainbarrel Fundraisers Company on this initiative.

How it works: They offer pick up at a one day truckload event or home delivery for a fee. Orders must be made online, in advance. The pick up date is May 20th in the parking lot at John Turgeon Community Hall, 49 Lakeshore Drive, Sundance Beach Alberta. Home deliveries will commence after the pick up event and continue daily until completed. All orders, pick up, and delivery details are arranged directly through not PLWA.

We must reach a minimum order of 100 rain barrels for this to proceed – tell your friends and family!

To place an order:

Ice off predictions for 2022

Speculation on Facebook suggest the winds on Thursday and Friday will clear any remaining ice. What’s your prediction? Send us your photos and prediction for the Pigeon Lake Log.

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