Notice Of Construction

Hello Residents of Ma-Me-O Beach!

We are very excited to announce rehabilitation on the sanitary main will commence on August 25th 2021. We will begin in the area between 9th-11th St, 1st Ave, starting with a test section and continuing on to additional areas, working our way throughout Ma-Me-O in an efficient manner. This newsletter is to keep you informed on the progression of this project and to offer information and advisories to the residents of Ma-Me-O Beach.

Any questions related to this project may be directed to the Summer Village of Ma-Me-O Beach at 1-780-586-2494 or by visiting their website at Ma-Me-O Beach Website Link

Ongoing construction updates will be sent out by email as we move forward. If you wish to update the email address for our newsletter, or know of someone who may require updates to be sent, they may do so by clicking the following link: Ma-Me-O Beach Rehabilitation Newsletter Signup

Kind regards,
THS Septic